Catholic Men's Guild, Kampala Archdiocese

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In the preamble given by His Lordship Bishop Mathias Ssekamanya, then Auxiliary Bishop of the Archdiocese of Kampala at the launching of the Catholic Men’s Guild he stated that:- “The Laity in their respective dioceses share the Redemptive Mission, Priesthood and the teaching office of Jesus Christ that he performed during his Ministry on earth and entrusted it to his Apostles until he comes back again”.  (Mk 16:15-16; Laity No. 33, Canon 225).
The background of forming this lay faithful association was based on Jesus’ Missionary role assigned to all his followers for their share of the Missionary Priesthood (Vocation and Mission of the Lay Faithful).
The Archbishop was chosen to be the Guild Patron, while St. Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe was chosen to be its Patron Saint. The choice of the Patron Saint was based on his Leadership qualities that he exhibited when the Missionaries temporarily withdrew from Buganda and went to Tanzania with a hope that their absence could calm down the raging King Mwanga. When they returned they found a much bigger Catholic Community than that they left behind.
The Pioneer Guild was inaugurated on 17th November 1996 by the then Kampala Archdiocese Archbishop, Cardinal Emmanuel Wamala.


Acquaintance, love, spirit of unity and cooperation among catholic men in order to fulfill commitments of the sacraments of Baptism and Confirmation, particularly:

  • To deepen understanding of Catholicism of the church among catholic men.
  • Realise and visualise the responsibility of a catholic man in the family, in the church and the country.
  • To stabilise families and build them on the basis of catholic teaching (Vat. 11 Laity No 11)
  • To strive to be responsible and answerable for the education of children at home, in schools and elsewhere according to the teaching of the church (Vat. 11 Laity No. 12 & 30, Canon 226)
  • To prepare their children for holy marriage (matrimony) according to the teaching of the Catholic Church.
  • To encourage their children in serving the church in priesthood, religious orders, as catechists and as school teachers.
  • To strive for peace and justice among themselves and in the country in general.
  • To attain social, economic, political and cultural development.
  • To have a common stand on matters affecting the church and national issues.

Theme: Let us continue being united in Christ as we emulate our Patron Saint Joseph Mukasa Balikuddembe holistically.

Mission:          To empower the Catholic man holistically to embrace among others: spiritual, cultural, political and social- economic aspects of life.

Vision:            To be the most relevant association that can enable the Catholic man to be responsible of his responsibilities.


Philosophy:    “Happy Family, Happy and Prosperous Church”

Core values:   Acquaintance, Love, Spirit of unity, Service, Sacrifice and Cooperation.
As part of its objectives to attain social, economic, political and cultural development, Catholic Men’s Guild started CMG Cooperative Society Ltd as its economic arm to handle different projects among them:-

  • CMG Savings and Credit ( saving and lending to its individual members)
  • CMG Organic Coffee Development (Value Addition to small coffee farmers)
  • CMG Millers ( Collective business for food security)