The Catholic Men’s Guild of Kampala Archdiocese is a Lay Apostolate Organization that brings together all catholic men in the Archdiocese who are baptized and of 18 years of age and above.
The organization has a leadership committee of ten (10) members at each level i.e. at the Sub-Parish, Parish, Deanery and Archdiocese.  The leadership positions are composed of the following:-

  1. Chairman
  2. Vice chairman
  3. Secretary
  4. Treasurer
  5. Mobiliser

Other working committee members
  1. Family Affairs
  2. Children upbringing
  3. Youth
  4. Development
  5. Justice and peace
The main operational levels are that of the Sub-Parish and the Parish. The Deanery and Archdiocese levels are largely coordinational and strategic levels which over see the functioning and implementation of the Guild plans at the lower levels.


  • To help members to establish good Christian families.
  • To help the youth to prepare for holy marriage and getting involved in religious affairs; i.e. to help those in secondary schools, colleges, tertiary institutions and those not at school.
  • To advocate for proper upbringing of catholic children in primary, secondary and higher learning institutions.
  • To make developmental projects to transform members lives socially and economically.
  • To advocate for peace and justice.