CMG Premium Organic Coffee Development project:

  • Improve and Add Value to Organic Coffee produced by over 1000 Small Farmers who are members of the CMG Cooperative Society Ltd regardless of gender or religion in order to provide financial and technical support, and other socio-economic opportunities so as to improve their living standards and the rural communities in general.
  • Through this project, CMG Cooperative Society Ltd would like to provide a platform to;
    • Sell Pure Organic Coffee to the End Customers.
    • Save our Nature by not using any Chemical Fertilizers.
    • Generate a fair income for the Small Coffee Farmers and their families.
    • Support Healthcare and School Situation for the Small Coffee Farmers and their Families in rural communities, especially the most needy who lack good education, electricity, clean water among other problems in the rural areas.
    • In partnership with other development partners, to continuously train, sensitize and give technical advice to farmers for production of high quality organic coffee suitable for export to the Oversees Market so as to fetch high economic and health returns of the product.

In order to achieve the stated objectives, CMG Cooperative Society Ltd is sourcing for funds, grants, partners, modern machinery and any worthy/serious willing investor(s) to join us.