CMG Millers:

CMG Millers is a project under CMG Cooperative Society which was established by men and women in response to the inability of poor rural families whose mainstay is on agriculture practiced at very low levels of productivity. Rural families don’t have storage even for these low yields, have no access to markets save for the exploitation by unscrupulous middle tradesmen nor have they access to transport due to bad rural roads, and in the absence of co-operative societies to organize them. CMG Millers wants to impart to the rural families a variety of training sessions and an extension of services to acquire:-

  • Knowledge and practical skills in raw agricultural marketing, processing and warehousing..
  • Modern and mechanized farming techniques using soil fertility to increase productivity.
  • Develop sustainable agricultural practices (like irrigation) and integrated ante and post harvest pest management.
  • Food processing, value addition and distribution in Uganda and beyond its borders.